Burnt Wood Furniture

The Shou Sugi Ban or ‘burnt wood’ finish is the perfect foundation for producing high quality elegant furniture pieces that are enduring.

Atelier TwentyOne

With experience building beautiful furniture from charred wood, Atelier TwentyOne can work with you to commission one-of-a-kind burnt wood furniture to suit your aesthetic and design vision.

From bedheads to tables, chairs and commissioned furniture for residential and commercial projects, our pieces are custom built through handcrafting, and timeless in both aesthetic and long-lasting appeal.

Our process

Benefits of Burnt Wood Furniture

Custom-made Furniture

We’ll work with you on your brief, allowing you to stretch your imagination and create something beautiful and bespoke for your space and needs.

Enhancing Your Interior

Enjoy creating something that meets your exact specifications and needs, without compromise.

Expert Craftsmanship & Long-lasting

We’re passionate about preserving time-honoured skills, techniques and materials, which is why we use charred wood to create pieces that are truly impactful and long-lasting.

Sustainable Materials

Atelier TwentyOne is focused on sustainable methods of sourcing and manufacturing, and we are passionate about conserving our environment. We believe quality goods last generations.


Get in touch

We would love the opportunity to support you to bring your project to life.

We can provide advice and guidance on installation aspects including fixings, finishes, coating, cost and lead times. We recommend you work with experienced contractors to fit your products.

Email: info@ateliertwentyone.eu
Mob. (PL,EN): +48 795 980 203
Modla 87 (Folwark Modła)
59-706 Gromadka, Poland