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Burnt Wood, Charred Wood, Shou Sugi Ban

The Art Of Burnt Wood

Textural, bold, striking and resilient ‘Shou Sugi Ban’ (also known as charred or blackened wood) is the traditional Japanese method of charring wood with fire to create an elegant and durable architectural finish.

The process of heat treatment creates a carbon layer on the wood that makes it more weather-resistant for a low maintenance solution, while also enhancing the natural elements of the wood by drawing out a richer shade and its distinctive texture.

Benefits of Shou Sugi Ban

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What kind of wood do you use for shou sugi ban? 

Atelier TwentyOne offers a number of wood options to help achieve your design aesthetic.

Scandinavian Spruce

Spruce is a soft and medium density type of wood, providing a low-cost solution for external applications, particularly above ground. Spruce absorbs moisture more slowly than Pine, making it an excellent solution for…

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Siberian Larch

Typically used in exterior cladding, fencing and interior panelling, Siberian Larch offers superior quality, durability and character. It has a unique, often knotty grain pattern and a considerable range in color and hue, from deep reddish-brown heartwood to the…

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Thermo Pine

A versatile variety of wood and a popular choice, Pine is a great material for everything from Shou Sugi Ban Pine cladding and fencing through to outdoor furniture. For fencing, Atelier TwentyOne uses Thermo Pine – a thermally modified Pine, where the wood…

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Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is a beautiful knotty wood that originates from North America. Its reddish-brown heartwood and cream-white sapwood combined with darker growth rings give the wood a very distinctive look and rich texture. Although Douglas Fir….

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Accoya uses a process to chemically alter the structure of wood. As a result it is more durable and resistant to moisture and fungi, the main contributors to timber decay. It meets the highest durability class (‘class 1’), which corresponds to the durable tropical species…

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A Passion for Craftsmanship, Sustainability & Design

At Atelier TwentyOne we have over 20 years’ experience in construction and engineering. We have combined this expertise with a shared passion for burnt wood to develop a proprietary process that innovates the traditional Japanese way to produce Shou Sugi Ban. We create superior quality burnt wood solutions that can be used for all manner of applications, from siding and decking through to furniture. 

To ensure speed of production, quality control and sustainable practices, Atelier TwentyOne manufactures our range in our factory in Poland. We source our wood from reliable partners to ensure all our products are FSC certified, environmentally conscious and long-lasting. 

Atelier TwentyOne Founder - Tomasz

Tomasz Woronowicz
Co-Founder and Managing Director
Construction Specialist, Engineer

Atelier TwentyOne Founder - Julien

Julien Mougenot
Project Manager, Chemical Engineer

Our Proprietary Burnt
Wood Process

How to char wood? 

Atelier TwentyOne has our own proprietary method of creating charred wood.

Quality Wood

Quality Wood

Source high quality and beautiful wood varieties such as Pine, Spruce and Siberian Larch from sustainably grown forests.

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

Burned using our proprietary technique to increase durability for a fire repellent outer layer, minimised rot and protection against the weather.

Beautiful Finishes

Beautiful Finishes

Wire brushed and oiled in a wide range of finishes to suit any project, or customised to your needs.

Our Commitment to Quality, Sustainability and Partnership

Atelier TwentyOne works in true partnership with our clients. We take the time to understand your needs, provide solutions to your challenges, and bring your design vision to life. To help exceed your expectations we offer:

  • Advice and guidance to help assess the project, provide support on implementation and detailing, and detailed project delivery timeframes.
  • Wood sampling and finish options throughout the project to create the perfect end product.
  • Cost efficient and tailored solutions that take into account your expectations and budget, regardless of the size of your project.
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Charred Wood - Acoya

Bring Your Project To Life With Charred Wood

Distinct, elegant, high quality and durable, our burned wood products can be used for a range of applications.


Create a unique aesthetic for your façade that connects with the landscape


A premium look and feel for your surface


A statement for any home with the inclusion of charred wood planks


Unique and practical, built to last fencing


Custom, hand-made and one-of-a-kind designer furniture for residential and commercial

Reasons To Consider Shou Sugi Ban  For Your Project 

1.  Charred wood is a sustainable choice
Although actively used in both exteriors and interior designs, Shou Sugi Ban makes an excellent solution for exterior projects due to its low maintenance and durability. The charring process is a sustainable way to naturally protect the siding.

It’s a more sustainable choice given it is environmentally friendly and doesn’t contribute to pollution. We don’t use chemicals so there is no risk of anything leaching, making it a safe for residential properties especially with children or pets.

Shou Sugi Ban can last for lifetimes with low maintenance, but once its lifespan is reached, it can be recycled or disposed of without worrying about environmental impact.

Wood For Shou Sugi Ban
Shou Sugi Ban Cladding

2.   Get a bold look without maintenance and harmful ingredients
If you want a bold look for your project, this can also be achieved using different materials, paints, and stains. However, what they can’t achieve is retaining the beauty and integrity of the original wood grain like the blackened wood Shou Sugi Ban process. They may also contain ingredients that are bad for you and the environment and need ongoing maintenance.

3.   Shou Sugi Ban works well in any design
Charred wood is a versatile material that can suit all aesthetic design outcomes be it modern, classic, rustic, or luxury. To create a luxury look, it may be paired with marble, brass, and mirrors, or for a neutral rustic look, with stone and other wood types. It’s breadth of finishes can complement any design situation, offering a premium look and feel.

4.   Charred wood offers many different textures and tones
People often associate charred wood with black alligator style char and tone but there are many different looks that can be achieved. We love the subtle grey/blue hues of our white char finish, through to the dramatic, grain-rich looks of our deep charred black wood. There are also many species of wood that can be used to achieve different grain, tone and textural outcomes, as well as finishes that we can apply.

5.   Get creative with siding and wall covering designs
In addition to textures and tones, wood siding allows you to install in patterns that really showcase the wood, for example you can use thin cut boards and install diagonally or wider slats in a horizontal shiplap.

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Burnt Wood Siding, Charred Wood Siding, Shou Sugi Ban Cladding

Client Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Barbara T
Barbara T
Bardzo polecam współprace z Atelier Twentyone i mam tu na myśli nie tylko sam produkt, ale przede wszystkim obsługę klienta na najwyżym poziomie! Pan Tomasz bardzo pomógł nam na każdym etapie, konsultując się nie tylko z nami - inwestorami, ale także innymi podwykonawcami od garażu (obitego deską). Wyczerpująco odpowiadał na wszystkie moje pytania i zawsze mogłam liczyć na telefon zwrotny. Ponad to sam montaż przebiegł bez zarzutu, a Panowie byli bardzo dokładni i niesamowicie pracowici. Efekt końcowy wyszedł wspaniale! Będąc teraz na końcówce budowy mogę śmiało powiedzieć, że współpraca z biurem TwentyOne należała do tych pozytywnych i bezproblemowych! Zasłużone 5 gwiazdek !
Thibault Lhermitte
Thibault Lhermitte
Un produit de très grande qualité avec des finitions soignées Si vous souhaitez un beau bardage, une terrasse ou du mobilier en bois brulé qui allie le côté naturel avec le contemporain, ne pas hésitez, on a tout pris Y aller les yeux fermés
Très belle qualité. Équipe sympathique. À recommander.
Halah Al-Juhaishi
Halah Al-Juhaishi
Une équipe au top , à l’écoute et très professionnelle. Le rendu est sublime , je recommande
Hubert Osowski
Hubert Osowski
Jest parking, wózkowy konkretny i szubki
Christelle H
Christelle H
Tom et Marie sont de grands professionnels à l'écoute - ils feront le maximum pour vous satisfaire. Nous avons fais appel à eux pour la conception de mobilier spécifique et le résultat dépasse nos attentes. Marie est très réactive et Tom fera tout pour vous satisfaire tout en préservant le côté pratique et esthétique. Un grand merci, nous feront faire d'autres créations avec certitude.
Kacper Szczygielski
Kacper Szczygielski
Deska opalana jest po prostu piękna. Jakość, styl i wykonanie przerosły nasze i tak wymagające oczekiwania. Na uznanie zasługuje również świetna, profesjonalna obsługa i wsparcie. Już od pierwszego kontaktu w celu wstępnego zorienowania się w temacie opalanych desek elewacyjnych oprócz pomocy przy doborze najlepszego rodzaju deski na nasz dom, otrzymalismy także wiedzę techniczną pozwalającą nam na podjęcie kolejnych kroków w sprawie realizacji naszego projektu elewacji. Na późniejszym etapie jeszcze wielokrotnie posiłkowaliśmy się wiedzą i kontaktami ze strony Pana Tomasza. Bardzo serdecznie polecam zarówno sam produkt jak i sprzedawcę.
Elżbieta Krakowska
Elżbieta Krakowska
Polecam bardzo miły kontakt i do tego bardzo szybka realizacja zamówienia👍
janusz czapski
janusz czapski
Firma solidna materiał bardzo dobrze zrobiony dostarczony na czas , dobry kontakt polecam
Kasia Stanczak
Kasia Stanczak
Zdecydowanie polecam firmę Atelier TwentyOne, która wykonała dla nas elewację domu z daglezji głęboko opalanej / szczotkowanej. Dostarczony materiał był wysokiej jakości, dokładnie taki jak na dostarczonej próbce, jaką otrzymaliśmy przed zamówieniem. Profesjonalne doradztwo Pana Tomasza przed zakupem oraz współpraca z wykonawcą podczas montażu elewacji bez zarzutu a jego porady bezcenne. Cały proces zakupu zorganizowany wzorowo a pomoc w organizacji transportu ułatwiła dostarczenie materiału na czas. Firma, na której można polegać!
Based on 2 reviews
Michał Kitliński
Michał Kitliński
Polecam serdecznie. Współpraca przy realizacji zamówienia na najwyższym poziomie. Pełna pomoc co do doboru materiału, długości desek i akcesoriów. Deski wyglądają w rzeczywistości lepiej niż na zdjęciach 😃
Stephanie Vidal
Stephanie Vidal
Entreprise très sérieuse. A l’écoute du client et très réactive. Le bois est de très bonne qualité. Je recommande l’Atelier TwentyOne sans hésiter.

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