Burnt Wood Interiors

Shou Sugi Ban, also known as charred wood, is one of the hottest trends in interior design and home décor. Whether you’re looking to make a bold, blackened wood statement, or bring subtle charcoal timber accents to your interiors, burnt wood helps you create a space that is both sophisticated and memorable.

With many finish options to choose from, you can bring your modern design to life using a natural wood product that stands out for its depth of tone, refined texture and one-of-a-kind pattern.

Atelier TwentyOne

To help you create your dream interior, we offer high quality products with consistent finishes manufactured in-house. Our Shou Sugi Ban wood is versatile and can be used easily for any sort of interior or exterior use. No matter the climate, the environment or the design vision, we work with you to help you achieve your unique design aesthetic.

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What kind of wood do you use for shou sugi ban? 

Atelier TwentyOne offers a number of wood options to help achieve your design aesthetic.

Scandinavian Spruce

Spruce is a soft and medium density type of wood, providing a low-cost solution for external applications, particularly above ground. Spruce absorbs moisture more slowly than Pine, making it an excellent solution for…

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Siberian Larch

Typically used in exterior cladding, fencing and interior panelling, Siberian Larch offers superior quality, durability and character. It has a unique, often knotty grain pattern and a considerable range in color and hue, from deep reddish-brown heartwood to the…

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Thermo Pine

A versatile variety of wood and a popular choice, Pine is a great material for everything from Shou Sugi Ban Pine cladding and fencing through to outdoor furniture. For fencing, Atelier TwentyOne uses Thermo Pine – a thermally modified Pine, where the wood…

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Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is a beautiful knotty wood that originates from North America. Its reddish-brown heartwood and cream-white sapwood combined with darker growth rings give the wood a very distinctive look and rich texture. Although Douglas Fir….

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Accoya uses a process to chemically alter the structure of wood. As a result it is more durable and resistant to moisture and fungi, the main contributors to timber decay. It meets the highest durability class (‘class 1’), which corresponds to the durable tropical species…

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