Atelier TwentyOne Shou Sugi Ban Anthracite Douglas Fir Wood

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Douglas fir originates from North America. Also called Oregon Pine, this conifer is a very well-known and high-quality softwood. It is cost effective, easy to work with, and looks great.

Douglas fir is distinguished by its reddish-brown heartwood, cream-colored sapwood, and darker-colored growth rings. When the Shu Sugi Ban process is applied, its cracked texture on the surface gives character and a dramatic grain. Over time, the Douglas fir develops a magnificent patina.

Its resistance to bad weather, mold and fungus makes it an ideal material for outdoor use like siding, fencing, decking, and cladding. However, as it is a softwood to ensure that it remains intact over the decades, it will need to be treated with a protective oil and maintained.