Atelier TwentyOne Shou Sugi Ban Deep Charred Natural Accoya Wood

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Accoya is a high-performance and sustainable wood that lasts the test of time. Grown from the Monterey Pine wood species, Accoya has the distinction of being resistant and durable, even more so than tropical species such as Teak or Merbau.

It is harvested at around 30 years and is put through a modification process that makes it more durable. This process contains no toxic substances and instead enhances natural elements of the wood. This modification makes the wood extremely durable, in fact Accoya wood is one of the few woods to have a class 1 durability rating.

Accoya wood is resistant to fungus, insects, and mold, and is very stable meaning it won’t warp and rot over time. When layered on with our Shu Sugi Ban process, the Accoya becomes even more durable to the environment making it perfect for cladding, decking, and furniture.

The burnt wood process also enhances the beauty of the Accoya wood, bringing out its rich colours. You will also be able to choose the finish that suits you best: charred, brushed and oiled or deep charred and oiled.