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How to Maintain Shou Sugi Ban Cladding

By June 6, 2022No Comments
Maintain Shou Sugi Ban Cladding

Shou Sugi Ban is a high-quality, beautiful, and durable solution for cladding. Atelier TwentyOne’s proprietary charring process ensures that it will have a longer lifespan than other non-charred timber cladding solutions.

The carbonization-process for shou sugi ban or burnt wood causes a thicker layer in the wood surface that makes it less susceptible to environmental damage from the sun, rain, rot or insects.

Although our burnt wood cladding offers greater protection from the elements, and longer periods between maintenance, we still recommend that for the best results over the lifetime of your cladding, you look after it. This means periodically, every 4-5 years, recoating your cladding with oil.

The amount of time between coats depends on which wood you select, Atelier TwentyOne can help provide guidance on oil and timeframes when you install your cladding with us.

When recoating, test your oil on a small patch of wood to see how it reacts. We also advise to apply the oil lightly so as to maintain the integrity of the natural charred wood-look.

If your cladding is not exposed to the harsh conditions, then little maintenance is required. If stains or dirt have accumulated, you can use a soft bristled broom with mild soapy water. If you are cleaning an interior, use a gentle damp cloth. In both cases, test an area to make sure that the cleaning product won’t affect the wood finish. Power washes are not advisable given the unique treatment of the shou sugi ban wood. You can also find special compatible timber cleaners for this purpose.

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If you have a burnt wood project and are looking for beautiful shou sugi ban wood solutions as well as expert guidance and advise on how to choose right product, what species of wood, instillation support, and maintenance, we offer this through our professional partnership.


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