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What type of wood for Shou Sugi Ban?

By February 14, 2022March 5th, 2022No Comments

Lot of our clients are asking us what type of wood for Shou Sugi Ban should be used… See our recommendations below for the toasted wood lovers!

Originally, the Japanese used cypress. In Europe, the most commonly used species is Douglas, the rendering of which remains very close. But Accoya, larch, ash, and oak also offer an interesting aspect. All exterior woods can be used indoors as long as you apply a finishing resin to them.

Wood For Shou Sugi Ban

Depending on the species chosen, the carbon layer is more or less resistant. When the carbon is left as it is on the wood, it will not require any maintenance afterward.

On the other hand, if a finish is applied, it will be advisable, every five to ten years, to rinse the siding with clean water and to reapply an ecological water-based paint, for example.