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Shou Sugi Ban
Siberian Larch

Typically used in exterior cladding, fencing and interior panelling, Siberian Larch offers superior quality, durability and character. It has a unique, often knotty grain pattern and a considerable range in color and hue, from deep reddish-brown heartwood to the yellowish-white sapwood.

Bring Your Project To Life With Charred Siberian Larch Wood

Distinct, elegant, high quality and durable, our burned wood products can be used for a range of applications.


Create a unique aesthetic for your façade that connects with the landscape


A premium look and feel for your surface


A statement for any home with the inclusion of charred wood planks


Unique and practical, built to last fencing


Custom, hand-made and one-of-a-kind designer furniture for residential and commercial


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